Artist Streaming Schedule

Start Time 11:00  MST, 1:00 EST, 10:00 PST, 12:00 CST
 Times below in MST

Day 2, Sept 2

Welcome, 11:00-12:00 Louise,

Poncho, Corinthia 

12:00pm Carren Clark


12:30pm Corinthia Peoples


1:00pm Craig Screven


1:30pm Kibibi Ajanku


2:00pm Thomas E Lockhart


2:30pm Larry Poncho Brown

3:00pm Phillip Cutler


3:45pm LaShun Beal


4:15pm Virginia Coleman


4:45pm Diana Shannon Young


5:15 Louise Cutler


5:45pm Taped True Africa interview 


6:30pm Deborah Shedrick

Day 3, Sept 3

Welcome 11:00-11:30 Louise, Poncho

11:00am TrueAfrica

12:00pm Guest Speaker Kevin Williams

1:00Live Q&A


1:10pm Virginia Coleman

1:40 pm Deborah Shedrick

2:10pm  Louise Cutler

2:40  Patricia Kabore

3:10pm Thomas E Lockhart

3:40pm  Larry Poncho Brown

4:10pm LaShun Beal


4:400pm Carren Clark

5:10pm Craig Screven


5:40pm Kibibi Ajanku

6:10pm Diana Shannon Young

6:40pm Corinthia Peoples

Day 3, Sept 4

Welcome, 11:00-12:00 Louise,  Corinthia 

11:30am LaShun Beal


12:00pm Patricia Kabore


12:30pm Phillip Cutler


1:00pm Louise Cutler


1:30pm Corinthia Peoples


2:00pm True Africa

2:30pm Deborah Shedrick

3:00pm Kibibi Ajanku


3:30pm Craig Screven


4:00pm Carren Clark


4:30pm Larry Poncho Brown


5:00 Diana Shannon Young


5:30pm Virginia Coleman

6:00pm Thomas E Lockhart

Day 4, Sept 5

Welcome, 11:00-11:30

Poncho, Corinthia 

11:30am Thomas E Lockhart


12:00pm Patricia Kabore



Diana Shannon Young


1:00pm Poncho /Interview  NFTs


1:30pm Louise Cutler



Corinthia Peoples


2:30pm interview

3:00pm Deborah Shedrick


3:30pm Carren Clark


4:00pm Virginia Coleman


4:30pm Kibibi Ajanku


5:00 Larry Poncho Brown


5:30pm LaShun Beal


6:00pm Craig Screven


6:30pm True Africa

After Party

Thursday, September 3rd
5:30-7:30 pm MST

Guest Speaker

Artist Charly Palmer

Saturday, Sept 4, at 12:00 noon

live Q&A with Artist  LaShun Beal, Thomas E Lockhart and Aaron and Gina Paskins 

Speaking Friday September 4th 4:00pm MST

Featured Artist

Larry Poncho Brown

Sunday, September 6th  12:00pm MST
We will be streaming his latest film on Domestic Violence entitled " Rayne Dayes"

Special Guest 

LaShun Beal

Film Maker

Anthony J. Sturdivant

Thomas E Lockart
Aaron Paskins

Musical Talent

Timothy Cutler
EJP_4098_October 04, 2018.jpg
Phillip Cutler
Wayne G Music