The Beauty of Blackness Fine Art Show


​Captures the essence of what it means to be beautifully black, not as a color but as a culture of people who understands and value who we are.  Being black, and proud to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before, those that have carved out a path for us to walk through complete, in beauty and heritage.  The each piece of art in The Beauty of Blackness Fine Art Show showcases the beauty, the untamed passion, the struggles the thirst to be and the love of being who we are, Black. It captures the spirit and slender of a nation and a culture as it rises out of poverty and chains into destiny and dignity through the Arts.


The Beauty of Blackness Fine Art Show a premier indoors virtual fine art show with an physical component. We showcase some of the finest in Black and African American art, featuring national and international artists, binging with it a culturally rich flavor. 


Join us September 2-5 2021

Media Inquiries
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For artists interested in showing: How to apply to the art show