The Beauty Of Blackness Fine Art Show 2022

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Fort Collins Foot Hills Mall
215 E Foothills Parkway Fort Collins CO.

Featured Artist
The Bold and Beautiful 

Guest Speaker |
 Consultant | Curator | Researcher

Ms Zsudayka Nzinga 

Alpha M. Bruton

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About Zsudayka Nzinga  (pronounced zoo-day-kuh)

Is mixed media artist and designer. She consider her studio practice to be cultural anthropology in that she aims to capture and archive through her work the history and culture of Black Americans.  She is  very interested in what happens when Black American artist work and narratives are included alongside American art without requiring the Black artist to center their identity in trauma or politics and whether the sight and existence of Black faces is enough to make our work, voice and existence inherently political.  Her work seeks to normalize the day to day of Black Americans and celebrate culture while also highlighting moments shared by all humans.  We all sit in the house, we all water our plants, we are all living an existence with more similarities than differences. Her work challenges viewers to include Black stories in American stories. Told through the lens of personal experience,  Zsudayka uses acrylic, decorative paper, hand dyed paper, linocut stamp, ink, vinyl, marker, metal, fabric and thread to create images of proud and beautiful people who celebrate who they are. 
About Alpha M. Bruton

Alpha Bruton is an environmental installation artist who synthesizes set design,
film theatre, sculpture, and other two-dimensional forms. Alpha Bruton creates environmental art
installations where objects and images are selected to "serve as cultural mirrors," The sites in which
they are situated serve as part of a broader cultural commentary. She believes that objects in the public
spheres communicate and reinforce certain cultural narratives, hierarchies, and social mythologies.
She feels that she makes artwork that demands the audience to confront art and activism issues; she
also creates representational and provocative art. What inspires her most is the feeling that she
has a social responsibility as an artist to record history and thrust awareness about life and the earth
upon the viewer—to cast another perspective from which to view the world.


Join Us Saturday Sept 3, 12:00 noon 
for a conversation with our guest Speaker

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BOBFAS Black Art and Culture Interview Series
with host Louise Cutler

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Nancelia Frazier

March 12 2022
6:00 pm MST

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Judi Lynn

March 26, 2022
6:00 pm MST